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God always hears you.

Every single person in the world facing some form of a battle , i do not know what it is but God does it may health related maybe, some people are battling some really serious health concerns. some maybe looking for answers or it could financial maybe challenges or decisions, that is the battle or it could be relationships or maybe the lack of relationships . Ask whatever you should keep on whatever your battle is trust God’s timing.

Trust that God’s timing is batter than yours. God doesn’t move according to our timing and that can be frustrating when our demands are not immediately met. We become impatient with God because we fell that time is running out and he might just miss his opportunity to answer us and perform the miracle we so desperately need. As we wait, we being to doubt. We question whether god is listening at all. We so easily forget his promises. we forget that it’s in time of silence that god is working out all things for good , sustaining us, strengthening us as we wait . we can rest assured that if we continue to hope in god , he will fill us with his joy and a level of peace that surpasses all understanding . the question is; will you trust God , rest in hem , and wait patiently for his amazing grace ?

psalm 27: 13,14; psalm 37:34; psalm 130:5,6;

proverbs 3:5,6; Isaiah 30:18; Isaiah 40:31;

Lamentations 3:25; Micah 7:7; Acts 1:4


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