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sometimes i find it difficult to put all my trust in god, do any of you ever fell that way. I want to trust in god but sometimes i find it a little bit more difficult to trust in him . you might be able to relate you might feel like i love god , i believe in god but i still fell, so uneasy about the future. when you look around there’s a lots to feel uneasy about isn’t there’s the tension all over the world .

I trust god , but sometimes i just want to say god it’s difficult to trust in a god i can’t see. it’s easy to live frustrated and think god , why is this happening but we’re not going to understand everything that happens god’s ways are not our ways he can see things that we can’t see our steps are being ordered by the lord if he allowed it to happen he’s going to bring good out of it . he promises all things work together for your good on its own it way .

there will be times in life that you don’t understand what god is doing things don’t make a sense , prayers that have been answered it doesn’t make sense now but don’t worry one day you’re going to understand god going to connect . You can’t see it right now but behind the scenes god is lining up things in your favor . when it’s the right time when it all comes together it’s going to work for your good .

You’re going to see the hand of god you’ll look back and say if that hadn’t have happened i wouldn’t have this position, if that door hadn’t have closed i wouldn’t have met this person , if i hadn’t have gone through that difficulty i wouldn’t have stepped in to this new level now.

It’s hard to trust god when you don’t understand, especially when you’re scared, afraid, and don’t know what to do . but in the midst of the chaos, we must realize that he is god and that he has everything under control . don’t stop believing. don’t lose hope, don’t give up when you learn to trust the lord completely , you begin to realize that god has everything under control .



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