Focused on God alone

We tend to believe that we have life under control — until it isn’t. And we often find ourselves with nowhere to look but up , which is where we should have been focused in the first place. When life doesn’t meet our expectations and we’re forced to run to God , we come to a place of hopeless surrender , realising that God has designed our lives according to his plans and not our own. When we are living within his will, surrendered to him and trusting in him completely ,we will be fulfilled in ways we thought impossible . don’t miss out on god’s very best for your life…. Live for him and within his promise, and your joy will last forever. Joshua 1:8,9 Nehemiah 9:9,13,20; palam 48:14; Romans 8:14; Timothy 2:1,3; james 1: 5,6..….………………. lord God, I surrender my will to your. All that I want in my life is what you desire for me . Take my heart ❤️ and make it yours.

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