Never forget that God is for you.

Trusting God can be difficult when life is falling apart. It isn’t easy when everything you see before you seems to indicate that God is not doing His job. You pray, but it seems as if God either isn’t listening or has decided not to answer, and that makes you doubt Him. Don’t be surprised when your faith is tested. It’s tested so that it can grow , so that you will learn to trust God more. It’s in those moments that you must seek God’s promises and that pray until God fulfills them trust God, even when it’s hard.

job 23:1-12; job 37:21-24; Psalm 20;7-9; Psalm 86:7-10; Psalm 107:19,20; Psalm 121:4-8; proverbs 30:5; John 14:1; Romans 11:33-36; 1thessalonians 3:7,8.

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