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Trusting God, when you give him a real fight tap your head lift your hands, raise your voice and give the lord a shout of praise , he will go to war and destroy your enemies let god break down the wall , let god slay the giants let god scatters your enemies , let god drive your enemy into confusion , let hem turn one upon the other , let god defeat your enemies , release the supernatural power of god with the triumphant shout in your personal prayer life , and watch god go to work in your behalf joy. the joy of the lord is your strength . you decide to let god be the leader of your life , victory is ours till Christ the lord Jesus is our source of joy .

You’re a child of the king you’re loyalty your sin have been forgiven , your past have been forgotten , your future is absolutely guaranteed by the treasury of heaven you been created a little lower than angles . you’re heir and a joint- heir with ‘ JESUS CHRIS’.

You’re loved , you’re special , you’re chosen , you’re protected by blood . the royal priesthood of god you are somebody . our god uses broken heart things, broken people , seeds to produce a great harvest , crushed grapes broken produce the finest wine.

The broken alabaster box produces the fragrance that fills all the house. I am a servant of Jesus Christ , I am not my own , we are bought with a price what about my will ? about my possesion they all belong to ‘god.

John 16; 22, ” your joy no man can take from you”. you can go through the darkest valley but when Jesus is with you , you can go in strength and in confidence that everything is going to be alright because the joy of the lord is your strength .


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