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Changes everything

Prayer changes everything , don’t care how dark it look. The cool thing about prayer is one thing that is a available to everybody at any given time ,god actually created us to convers with him . god would actually love to hear from us, Do you know i like to talking to hem even when i don’t really need nothing .

we need god ,we need him to tell him that we love him . if we pray must be humble yourself when you pray , god has promised to hear you and answer you. when we don’t get immediate answer to our prayer, we’re tempted to doubt that god cares ,and we question if he’s ever there. But he’s promised to hear every cry, bottle every tear, and answer us within his perfect love and perfect Will. He has promised not only to hear you and answer you , but also to guard you and deriver you from depth. he has promised to pour out his mercy onto you when you come to hem and strengthen you in your weakness .great his faithfulness. don’t give up coz the circumstance of your life are pressuring you to give in. god’s love and grace triumph over all your troubles , and he has promised to always be a ready help in times of trouble.

thank you , almighty god, for always hearing me when i pray to you. I will wait in patient expectation , knowing that your answers are out of your great love for me.


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