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Almighty all- knowing

Here this an almighty all- knowing, all- powerful God is setting in heaven waiting to hear from you.his ear listening for his children to ask him for great and mighty thing that we know he’s listening for us to pull down the strongholds of addiction that enslave our families to pull down the stronghold of demonic forces that are destroying our families so, what does he hear from our lips,when you lift your hands to pray I, want you to remember that you were talking to almighty,all- knowing all-powerful God the creator of heaven and earth, the blastic of his nostrils can split the “cedars of lebanon ” he hold the seven seas in the plams of his hand he weighs ,the mountains in a scale and the heels and the balance .

He said asking asking him for things are impossible because with God nothing is impossible,asking him he’s the God who cannot fail he’s waiting to show you great and mighty things ask him ,pray pray God wants – you to have that power – you are made image of god. God is not a status he speaks he think he answers our prayers he’s alive,he’s ‘jehovah’ ‘shamma’ the God who is there. He is Jehovah ‘nissi’ the lord my bannar. ‘jehovah shalom’ the lord is my peace, pray, pray –god is in heaven -saying what do you need- do you need healing ask in faith, believing and I will give it do you, need supernatural wisdom to make a tough decision, ask me do you need peace understanding ask, but nothing is impossible with those that need only believe ,do you need the impossible and open your mouth, open your mouth and please believing you are not talking to the government of your State, they can not control the next breath,you talking to the creator who made the heaven and earth, move the mountains he divides the seas,he’ll give you what you want-pray-pray.because nothing nothing is impossible for lord.

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